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Concrete Mixers

Euromecc, company leader in concrete batching plant production,  developed three series of technologically advanced mixers to meet needs of different areas for concrete industry.

MESCOLATORI A DOPPIO ASSEMEB twin shaft mixers are the best solution for the production of ready-mixed concrete.  Euromecc offers a wide range of models with capacities from 1.0 m³ (35 ft³) up to 8.0 m³ (282 ft³) of vibrated concrete yeld per cycle. Ideal for the ready mix concrete industry and big construction companies.
MESCOLATORI PLANETARIThe simultaneous rotation and revolution performed by mixing arms of MEP planetary mixers confer a superior homogeneous mixture quality in a restrained time. Euromecc offers a wide range of models with capacities from 0.5 m³ (18 ft³) up to 2.5 m³ (88 ft³) of vibrated concrete yeld per cycle. Ideal for precast concrete industry.
MESCOLATORI IN CONTINUOMEC continuous mixer in forced speed is equipped with two synchronized contra-rotating mixing shafts. Euromecc offers two models with capacity of 150 m³/h (5297 ft³/h) and 300 m³/h (10594 ft³/h).




Euromecc manufactures a complete range of concrete mixers: MEB double shaft mixers, MEP planetary mixers and MEC continuous mixers. They are offered according to concrete which should be produced and with different sizes linked to the hourly production needed.

MEB double shaft mixers allow to obtain a high quality concrete with low maintenance costs. The two mixing axles, equipped with counter-rotating blades, synchronized one to the other, generate a turbulence in the overlapping area, finely mixing cement to aggregates.

In MEP planetary mixers, the contemporary movement of rotation and revolution created by mixing blades produces a high quality homogeneity of the mixture in a restrained time.

MEC continuous mixers are a powerful and reliable solution for continuous mixing processes, especially for great diameter aggregates. They are particularly recommended for cement mixture production and lean concrete.